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1. Information collect by us

You can use without having to submit any information to us, however we often may ask that you give us your email to access certain features of the site.


If you sign up to our newsletter you may get emails from us which you can opt out of at any time, this is done by following the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the emails you will recieve. We hold this email address on file till your unsubscribe but we never sell or trade your email address.

3. General information collected

We may collect information such as your IP address which helps us to make the site work better for you and to make your overall experience on the website much better. We use this to work out where you came from, which pages you visited and much more. It’s benefits you and all the users on the site.

4. Security of the site

We make sure that the site is secure for you to use if you have any questions on this then please get in touch.

5. Cookies

Cookies are little bits of information that we send your computer so that you can experience the website better, it may help you find stuff that is suitable for you and helps personalise the experience. Cookies are little text files and are harmless on your computer.

6. Policy updates

From time to time we may update our privacy policy and if so we will let you know when we do.

7. Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us about the privacy policy, security or anything else then you can drop us an email at