The famous Green Giant which is the brand of sweetcorn that has been around for years, you’ll be able to get a free height chart which is green giant branded. They have 5,000 height charts to give away each and every month so if you visit the Facebook page and there are none left you’ll be able to come back the following month and be able to get one.

The great thing about this freebie is that when you visit the page you’ll see how many are left so you can wait till the next month if it says there are none left. Many giveaways often don’t tell you so you still Like the page or sign up to a newsletter so this is a great offer to be had. The Green Giant sweetcorn was first launched in 1960 so it’s had over 50 years in our lives and it’s one of the best selling sweetcorn brand in the UK, you’ll more than likely have tried this lovely sweetcorn so why not get a nice height chart for your kids to measure how tall they are. Delivery will take a few weeks once you have placed your order so please be patient as they have a lot of charts to send out.

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