We often get asked questions about our site and the freebies that we feature on it, before getting in touch with us it might be worth having a read of the frequently asked questions below to see if we answer any questions you may have in them.

Are they really free?

Yes things that we post on the site are free.

It sounds too good to be true?

This is often a question or statement that we get sent, the freebies that we feature are often given away as promotions for companies, for example they may have a new fragrance out and by sending out free samples the company hope you’ll like the smell of it and buy a full bottle of it. Similarly you may be able to get a free money off voucher for a new product which they also hope you’ll try and enjoy and buy again in the future.

I live outside the UK, are they available for me?

Most of the items we post are available to UK residents only, some maybe open to other countries and we’ll state this.

I requested a freebie but it’s not arrived, where is it?

We are simply a site which finds all the links to the freebies, we therefore don’t send out any ourselves and so we don’t deal with any issues such as this. If you are wandering where it is then please see the question below or contact the company offering it.

How long do the freebies take to get to me?

It varies depending on what the freebie is, who is sending it and how many people have requested it but typically it can be anything from one week to over a month. You have to take into consideration that the company is giving something for free and so they won’t put it as a priority unlike items they may sell for full price. Often the item will be put in the cheapest post which takes the longest time to arrive.

I’ve entered a competition, how do I know if I’ve won?

Often the winner of any competition will be contacted by the people who are running it, if you want to know if a winner has been chosen or if it was you then we recommend contacting the company behind the competition.